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Can You Answer These 6 Questions About Your Member(s)? Only Thriving Organizations Will Be Able to S

The /member/ customer journey is often a long and winding road, as can be your journey to delivering 5-star service that earns 5-star reviews. We often begin this journey by gathering data, and it’s a crucial step in the process of designing 5-star member experiences. One area of data gathering that we recommend is voice of the customer (VoC) research, which provides valuable data essential to answering these 6 important questions.

  1. Who is your /member customer?

Data collection and analysis is the fastest way to get this answer. For smaller organizations with primarily human engagement, it might be a matter of asking your front line and front of house staff to share their insights with you. It’s time to get close to your members if you want to better serve them.

2. What is your member’s real goal?

It’s worth looking beyond the obvious here. For example, do they engage with you for the pure enjoyment of the organization's offerings, to meet at special events, or to benefit from individual items such as education or training sessions? This information can help you better understand your member’s motives and uncover opportunities for you to tailor their experience to ensure their satisfaction.

3. What do they do before engagement with your organization?

This can tell you a great deal about your member and help you design a more satisfying membership journey for them. It can also uncover hidden opportunities.

You might be surprised to find out that your relationship with another organization or company is driving a lot of your member's attention to you. By capitalizing on this information, you can offer everything from cross-promotion strategies with both parties, to providing a opportunity to help in making initial introductions.

4. What do they do after engagement with your organization?

Gathering this information can also reveal opportunities to personalize your member’s experience and provide added value in a way that, when aligned with what you learn about your member, leaves them feeling appreciated and fosters long term loyalty.

5. What makes your member feel valued?

Personalized service has become the rule rather than the exception. It pays to know your individual members and reward them with an experience that says you care. Members want to be understood, heard, and valued.

6. What is your member’s criteria for a superior experience?

It pays to ask. The answers may surprise you.

VoC research can help you understand your members. Both qualitative and quantitative data can be collected, revealing your members’ wants, desires, and criteria for earning their loyalty. Needs statements can be extracted and organized to be presented back to the member in a usable format, where it will be ultimately prioritized by the members themselves.

The conclusions and insights drawn from VoC research will provide you with clear and actionable steps toward nailing member/ membership experience improvement.

Imagine all of your indiviual members feeling special, respected, valued, appreciated, and heard every time they interact with your organization. They feel like you have anticipated their needs, and made their lives easier, and a little bit better. They have had such a great experience, they cannot wait to return, renew, and re-establish. Their experience of your organization is often so extraordinary, they mention it to others and share their enthusiasm for your organizational brand with others.

Are you ready to start receiving 5-star reviews?

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